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Trust and Trustees:

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum is managed by Hasta Shilpa Trust which is a not for profit, public charitable trust started by Vijayanath Shenoy. It is registered with the Government of Karnataka. It stands for restoration, conservation, preservation and promotion of India's fast-vanishing architectural heritage and material culture within the larger framework of the arts and culture. It also supports the development of knowledge and human resources in the arena of the arts, crafts and culture.

The Trustees:
Dhanwanti Nayak - President
Shrinivas Shenoy - Secretary
T. Harish Pai - Jt. Secretary
Ashith Amin - Treasurer
Anuroopa Shenoy - Jt. Treasurer
T. Ashok Pai
T. Rajesh Pai
Ravindra Hegde Thanudi

Amit Judge
Manjula Shenoy 

The members of the Board of Trustees are keenly interested in heritage-related work and the arts, and have been involved with various aspects of it.