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The Heritage Village is LARGE. Altogether, it contains more than two dozen structures plus several collections displayed in smaller museums and galleries on-site. In our opinion, it just isn’t possible for our visitors to enjoy all this in one major tour.

Let’s face it - It’s tiring to rush about in the sun! And you need time to enjoy what you see because there’s so much that fits into each tour anyway.

Keeping the enjoyment of our visitors in mind (and their sheer diversity), we now offer several new guided tours for you to better appreciate the structures at the Heritage Village, their stories and the landscape they are located in. Some (but not all) will take you indoors as well, to look at the artefacts and our fabulous collections.

You will see different parts of the Heritage Village in each guided tour so you can form a collage of impressions of its entirety. You will virtually build the Heritage Village in your mind, step by step, tour by tour. Each guided tour will help you gain a different perspective of the Village. All of them entice you to imagine a time gone by.

Depending on what time of the year, week and day you come to visit, you can enjoy one or more of our ongoing guided tours. Like world class museums everywhere, we also encourage you to come again. And again. There will always be something new to pique your curiosity at the Heritage Village!