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Forthcoming Guided Tours

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The Northern Trail

Starting Soon..

If you have stamina, this walk is for you – It covers the length of the Village and is mind-boggling for sheer contrariness. Here, the spiritual (a monastery) balances out the material (the traders’ houses); the simple seafarer’s home offsets the elaborate trader’s house; you see lovely open balconies and closed porches, sit-outs and even sit–ins. 

The Monsoon Walk

[June to September]

Have you ever strolled down the lanes and by lanes of a rustic village? Join us on a guided walk at Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village, along streets bordered by centuries-old houses of different communities of Karnataka. Feast your eyes on their elegant architecture. Promenade through an abandoned village bazaar. Gape at the tall bhoota figures. Gaze at a tranquil shrine. Walk in the sunshine, of course, but most certainly in the rains!