The  Hasta  Shilpa  Trust  is  not  in  a  position  to undertake  many  incomplete  and  new works  as  it  has by now exhausted all its financial resources. If  donations  are  forthcoming  from culture-conscious, philanthropic  individuals  and  institutions,  Hasta Shilpa Trust will treat it as a great help as it will enable the Trust to carry its mission of heritage conservation to  a  successful  finish. 
Recognition has been granted to the Trust under section 80G of the Income-Tax Act 1961 as per the Order issued by the Commissioner of Income-Tax, Mangalore.

Donations may be sent in the name of Hasta Shilpa Trust and addressed to:

Mr Vijayanath Shenoy
Founder and Secretary,
Hasta Shilpa Trust
50, Anantnagar
Manipal - 576 104
Karnataka - India
Cell: +91 9845229701
Fax +91 820 2575910
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