THE Hasta Shilpa Trust, which stands for restoration, conservation,  preservation  and  promotion  of  India's fast-vanishing  physical  culture  in  particular  and  all forms  of  culture  in  general,  and  development  of human  resources  in  the  arena  of  arts  and  crafts,  is  a Public Charitable Trust  registered  with  the  Government  of  Karnataka.
         All the members of the Board of Trustees are keenly interested in heritage-related works, and they believe that the visitors to this complex will enjoy, be inspired and motivated by the objects of art on display.
        Mr Vijayanath Shenoy (in photo above) is the Founder and Secretary of the Hasta Shilpa Trust. A retired banker, Mr. Shenoy's passion made him to convert his own home in Manipal into the Hasta Shilpa Museum and eventually to undertake the project of Heritage Village.
One man's passion: